I had a [competitor name withheld] robotic ..... absolute waste of money ..... everything got replaced on it ....it's dead in the shed!!!! Bought a Maytronics Dolphin ..... cost more but so far so good .... this summer was a bummer for leaves but it worked like a trogan.... worth every cent and helped to keep my water chemistry balanced !!!!

- Rex, Pool Owner, South Africa

Just a short note to let you know that I am extremely pleased that we purchased the Dolphin M5 from your Company. It never gets stuck I highly recommend your product to all the pool owners.

- Eben, South Africa

I purchased my M500 in January. I'm not a tech expert but Edward helped me set up my phone to sync with my robot, and it's very easy. I've been given a demo robot which I kept it until the stock of the new M500 arrived, because I did not want to go without the pool robot, and I really wanted the latest. I'm very happy with my purchase.

- Bern, Pool owner, South Africa

Thought I'd let you know it is fantastic. Wish I'd bought it a couple of years ago when I first saw it!

- Robert, Pool Owner, South Africa

Works perfectly, it had no trouble at all with the beach entry stopping every time it got to the edge & reversed the other way. Going to be a great time saver, thanks for all your help!

- Guy, Pool Owner, South Africa

I would like to thank you very much for the demo on the m500 and selling it to me. I had a huge problem with leaves and my pool system battled to filter my pool water. Since I've installed my m500 I had the best filtration system ever. My pool is completely clean and all leaves dust and dirt had been picked up by my dolphin m500. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

- JC, Pool Owner, South Africa

To reiterate my sentiments, the Dolphin pool cleaner is the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. It is so labour saving, keeps the pool water crystal clear and does a wonderful job of replacing my husband!

- Anne-Marie, Pool Owner, South Africa

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